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Sandy Knight

The Weekly Knob Prompt: Paperweight

The old man thumped his fists on the simple pine table. Scarred from years of service in the quaint farmhouse kitchen, it barely quaked.

He looked stricken.

“Somebody get me a fresh yam, damn it!”

He’d been doing the books for the family farm in this very spot for so long the cane chair no longer creaked with the habit of his weight and his boots had worn two even swales in the floor where he sat a the head of the table.

It seemed his customary paperweight, mottled and leaking brown juice onto his papers, had seen fonder days.

Your weekly #writing challenge

The Weekly Knob POWER $ Prompt Is Here [260]

Photo by Daria Gordova on Unsplash

This week’s editor’s picks are:

Other amazing submissions this week:


We are poetry in motion

A serendipitous discovery
Bends the cosmos
Once spun
Atop the head of a pin

A curtain of galaxies
hemmed to the black
Curves into a smile
You’re here, you’re back!

Welcome to the point
A way station, a rest stop
along space and time

Before moving on
Beyond where star gases
Once so compressed
Explode to ignite

What stands between
the possibility of us
Throw away your ancient
ways and maps

Buy your trinkets
Send your postcards
Gravity’s out
We won’t be back.

~Inspired by the recent astronomical discovery by Researcher Alexia Lopez, of what science has dubbed ‘The Giant…

More Cowbell

It was on fire the first time I saw one.

On the front porch of my elderly neighbor’s home sat an ordinary cardboard box about the size of a large watermelon.

No trademark smile smirked triumphant from the sides, nor did a shipping label appear to be affixed. What caught my eye was the medium blue flame lapping at the corners.

I did a double take. I knew my neighbor’s husband had some sort of cancer, but I was not privy to his condition, nor his estimated time of departure from this world.

The box was not a good sign.

Phish- The Mango Song

The t-shirt, almost as quintessentially American as Rock & Roll, is nothing short of a fashion staple in western culture and my closet.

Granted, the popularity of this simple garment turned walking billboard may be the bane of an aspiring clothing designer’s desire to triumph over this pillock’s lackadaisical sense of fashion, but marry a tee with music and a pair of blue jeans and it’s exceptionally hard to beat.

My favorite tees are reliably music and art related with cheeky sarcasm and bizarre art making the runner-up spot. From over-priced Hard Rock Café shirts venerating Jimi Hendrix and Johnny…

Will write for food


Dear Knobbiers!

Greetings, on this U.S. Memorial Day weekend! In usual fashion, your editors and favorite writers at The Weekly Knob, Medium’s original publisher of crafty writing prompts and their stories, has set the table for a tasty myriad of imaginative fare to nourish your creative palettes.

In keeping with the aromatic whiff of creativity TWK writers capitalize upon for inspiration, we’ve found ourselves happily headed for the stove and table again. Although, we learned last week an edible item musn’t always be eaten — you’ll discover this week that our writers are quite prone to playing with their food! Lucky us!


Diane Wakoski, American Poet, Essayist

I’ve discovered a modern poet

Standing in plain sight

A teller of tall truths

She addresses the empty room

where darkness overbearing

____ dims my memory of light.

Slipping under the door of my closeted heart

____ A letter

Written and sealed in her own hand

With ink drawn from a shared well

of blood and memory

____ She knows

Words rescued from mottled scars and dreams

before tumbling over sharp edges

____ lost forever

She arranges upon the clean white space

____ between us

Uncontrived, apologizing for nothing

____ She offers kinship.

Oh, what power she must feel


Sandy Knight

AmEriCan DoRk. HuMaN ApPreNTicE. PoEt. SOngWriTer. PiCker. wRiTer. EDitor. CoMmA faiRy. veTeRaN.

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