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As writers and creatives we know there are stories all around us simply waiting to be told. Stories spring from the most unlikeliest of places, and from objects we encounter everyday.

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Happy writing!

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#Martin Luther King #Say His Name

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Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

These are not new lines to consider,

to measure, to find the will to cross

No. These are ancient fissures

snaking through yet

unredeemed landscapes

contained in the small minds

of self proclaimed ‘great’ men

and societies of greater delusion

Now we will move these mountains!

March across the forbidden morass

of bogey men with our hearts

as stubborn and solid and true

as a brick thrown through the window

of America’s Museum of Gross Inequities.

When the glass shatters we’ll crawl through

together on hands and knees

over our past to amend

what has been forsaken

Waking up won’t be easy…with keen…

The Weekly Knob Will Be Back January 02, 2021

in the dumpster*

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Dear Knobbiers:

As we say good-bye to the dumpster fire that was 2020, we lift our heads and our hopes ever so slightly and peer through the smoke toward 2021.

Make no mistake, a new year will begin again and The Weekly Knob will be here to inspire and challenge you to write your hearts out every week!

In the meantime, we will be spending some downtime with our closest family members, while remaining socially distanced and vigilant with our hygiene practices. We hope you all will do the same as the world waits their turn for the vaccine.

Indeed, we have lost quite enough. …

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We’re building an audio-video catalog of select stories on YouTube!

Listen and follow along with the text as writers narrate stories and poetry originally published in the corresponding prompt edition The Weekly Knob.

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Giving props to a writing community who brought their A-game to Thankmas and Red Nose Day

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Dear Writers & Friends of The Weekly Knob,

As a community of creatives, you put your talents and your efforts exactly where your hearts and your stories live for a charitable cause, and together we have helped eased the burden of poverty and inequity for children around the world in a concrete way, six thousand two-hundred and thirty-six ways, to be exact! We’re so proud of you we haven’t stopped grinning!

Our gratitude for your donations, stories and support of #Thankmas and Red Nose Day, and especially to Rick Post and Terrye Turpin for courageously joining us live for an interview, is difficult to capture in mere words, but you can be sure we are feeling it. I could continue the florid praise until I am accused of rhetorical overkill, though I assure you my purple prose would be sincere. …

The Weekly Knob Charity Campaign Prompt: Plate

Polite Society Might Eat With Their Eyes But Down Here We Use a Plate and a Fork

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“If it smells right, we’re gonna eat it. Cave folk are more clever than those elite prats up top give us credit for, by golly. And that gave us an edge in the beginning. But some of them folk rightly suspected we wouldn’t go down easy after the great purge. So, they barred access to real food, rationed clean water, and gave us some genetically engineered corn powder to choke on instead.

“And they call themselves ‘polite society’ — Pffft, ain’t nothing polite about them gluttonous blubber monkeys. …

TWK- Red Nose Day Charity Fund Drive Update

Please Join Us Sunday, December 13, 2020, 12:00pm CST, Live on Our YouTube Channel For #Thankmas benefiting Red Nose Day!

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On November 28th, 2020 The Weekly Knob released a very special prompt. In our typical fashion, it was an ordinary object, but with an extraordinary purpose. It was a prompt chosen not only to inspire great writing, but also great sharing.


Sandy Knight

AmEriCan DoRk. PoEt. SOngWriTer. PiCker. wRiTer. EDitor. CoMmA faiRy. veTeRaN. EdiToR of NeW WriTerS WeLcOmE!

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