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Sandy Knight
AmEriCan DoRk. PoEt. SOngWriTer. PiCker. wRiTer. EDitor. CoMmA faiRy. veTeRaN. More creative stuff at https:\\

Music- The Riff

Feeling Good performed by blues icon Nina Simone, written by Leslie Bricusse

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The Weekly Knob Creative Writing Prompt: Prank

Creative non-fiction

The first time it happened I thought I would pee my pants. My ribs ached from the kind of head-pounding laughter that threatens to split you from side to side, or make you feel like you might have a stroke from oxygen deprivation.


‘in medias res’ poetry prompt

Take heed!


an experiment

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I turn to you

deranged and hopeless

desperate in my need

for windows and walls

and ladders too

angled towards Saturn

so I may still gather

occasional falling stars

in pails of moonlight

when darkness swallows the moon

I will probably collect too many

Shimmering trinkets…


Well, maybe a little…

Loyal Knobbiers!

This cannot be!

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Dear Creative Community,

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The Weekly Knob Announces…

Your editors at The Weekly Knob will be sending/posting an announcement tomorrow.

Please watch your email inbox or come back here tomorrow for the details.

Until then — Happy writing!

A Short Story

Caroline and Paralee get creative.

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