RezoNation has been the grateful recipient of stories contributed by such a generous and talented group of writers it almost seems a shame not to include every story; however, we hope the stories we do include here will serve as an invitation to follow RezoNation and keep up with the universal vibe we’re putting down. Here are some highlights from our first 3 months on Medium.

Orisirisi is a magnificent writer in any genre and a regular contributor on Medium and to RezoNation. She has committed to writing every day in 2016 and we are the fortunate ones to be invited to share in her open-hearted diary. Her prose and poetry would be at home in any literary magazine and we are imminently proud to include some of her work at RezoNation. Here is her most recent piece, “How To Save The World”. This is a story of real depth and weight and a masterfully written allegory for teaching humanity of the pitfalls of blindly following others even into the pit of destruction. The first time I read it felt like a timeless classic. If you’ve not discovered this writer yet, get ready, you’re about to be moved in a very special way.

Emily Friedel lives around the other side of the world from me and inside a world very different from mine, I suspect. But when I read her stories I cannot help but feel connected to the spirit of an intelligent and ardent compassion for those who are marginalized by the ignorance and hate of others and I can’t help but wish she lived next door to me. These two stories are her contribution to the battle of ignorance which breeds hate and misunderstanding. She takes the time to actually ask a person of the Muslim faith to clarify some points on his faith. You’re invited to have a cup of tea and join the conversation here. I think of Emily as the “E.F. Hutton” of writers I follow… Remembering the commercial for this investment corporation their tagline was “When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen.” She is often refreshing, candid and humorous in her stories no matter the subject.

Heather Nann was one of the first voices which caught my attention when I came to Medium. She stopped me flat-footed in my tracks with a fresh candor and the courage of a lioness, and not only this, she is unapologetic about her feelings. And guess what? Feelings are not arguments, they just are. I need this reminder from time to time and to lean on the courage of those who already know and demonstrate this. When things get thick, Heather is the kind of human being who actualy decides where she stands, then moves to the front of the battle if the cause is one she feels strongly about and says, “It’s alright. If you’re unsure or frightened get behind me and together we’ll move forward.” She is an example of what I’ve found to be true in my life, ‘Leaders are not made, they’re born.’ In her piece “You Are Beautiful” Heather passionately writes of the intimate feelings and struggles so many of us go through in loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to be loved.

This piece by L. has all the textures and and layers of movement one might expect from a hurricane. Inside the eye, L. leaves just enough space around you to make the the ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ your own storm. We are happy to have her as a regular contributor to the publication. To read more of her work visit her personal publication page “Ramblings Of A Mad Woman” we think you’ll find her work as engaging as we do.

Lalaina Rackson’s profile blurb says ‘I’m on a secret mission to make a change’ but it was no secret to me when I read her piece ‘You’re allow to be ugly’ that Lalaina understands we all suffer in some degree from perfectionism. She examines this phenomenon within herself in a keenly focused and intimate way which translates and resonates to most of us who feel we are not lovable or valuable unless we are perfect.

In RezoNation’s first quarter we’ve seen some horrific events which left most of us bereft of some way to make sense of them. The nightclub massacre in Orlando was one such heart wrenching and tragic event. To the Medium Community’s credit, writers came together to express their support and solidarity with a desvastated community working its way through personal and public grief and bewilderment. JusTee is not only a talented writer, she’s also a gifted artist who frequently graces her stories with images of her own artwork. Her compassionate response was swift in her poem ‘Orlando’ which touched us by asking questions which seemed simple and direct enough, but to which answers have eluded humanity’s grasp for far too long. She begins by telling us ‘I don’t know how to draw a box-’ — but you will see she knows how to draw on so much more.

In his piece, ‘You are so much more than you believeHeath Houston explores his personal and spiritual reasons for staking such a claim. Though he tells you right from the start he’s not “big” on making inspirational speeches it’s clear he is a passionate and inspired writer of many talents. RezoNation does not wish to engage in narrow or one pointed views of ‘how we got here’ and ‘what we’re doing here’. Rather we aim to collect stories rich in the resonating experiences common to our humanity- not define, defend and argue over the details of it, as if the details are what matters most. Finding a way to the ground we share will bring us to a more loving and compassionate existence. So yes, Heath, I agree, we are so much more than we believe.

In his piece ‘Home’ Yassir Islam asks a seemingly simple question. “Where is home?” then proceeds to enlighten you and me, about what many of us take for granted every day. Home. A place to call home where no one can harass or threaten you and your family. Where you are allowed to feel safe and secure in your person and possessions. The place of your birth which is like an unseen birthmark on the sole of your foot. Not only does Yassir raise our awareness in regards to what is happening to people around the globe but he also raises the vibration of compassion and understanding and we hope a step toward finding solutions so every human being may enjoy the place of safety, security and community we call home. We are so very pleased to have him contributing to RezoNation.

Wild Flower, the real Wild Flower is a nugget of beautifully polished essences of understanding, intuition and harmony. A sprig of human kindness and positive, authentic current flowing through the pages of Medium. Yet another woman who courageously defies the pressure to hide herself inside what is expected. Nope, Wild Flower comes out and says ‘dance with me’ and should you decline the invitation, you’ll be missing a wonderful waltz with authenticity and intimacy you’ve pretty much decided was not possible on a social media platform. Ultimately, we all want to be accepted in our “real” state of being even as we shift and change in our understanding of what this might look like. Wild Flower shows us it can be done with heart and courage!

Poetry is not for everyone, but for some of us it is a vibrant and expressive art form which reaches beyond the surface of things and down into the belly of mysteries. Though some find poetry unaccessible, once in awhile, a poet and words collide then converge to capture the essence of a feeling or moment which seems to resonate throughout human experience. Rodrigo Ferreira and his muse provided such a moment in his poem ‘Ideas’ as part of the human experience is about creating whether done on a canvas, a sheet of paper, the music hall, the kitchen or our own reality. We all create and we are doing it all the time. Ferreira’s poetry is deceptively simply yet resonates with human experiences. We are so proud to host some of his work in RezoNation.

Tien Skye doesn’t storm into a room and shout ‘I’m here’ with a voice bordering on obnoxious. Nope, Tien strolls in and quietly lays down a trail of gems you’re welcome to pick up and admire, or not. Either way the gems will keep coming. Tien is a regular contributor to The Weekly Knob, and I’d been reading Tien’s stories since we launched the publication, and needless to say, I’ve been consistently impressed, entertained and intrigued. In “I Want A Divorce” Tien addresses the universally undermining condition of self doubt in an imaginative way I think you’ll find resonating, too. If you’ve not discovered Tien yet, you’re in for a super treat. Have a look at

then tell me I’m wrong.

Recently, I had the immense joy of discovering Shari M. Well, I didn’t discover her, she’s already doing a fine job of discovering herself, but I did discover her writing and let me say we must “keep an eye on her” because she will be a powerful presence and voice on Medium. In her piece, ‘Authenti City’ Shari hails the land of living true to one’s self with poetic exhilaration and dedication. From a sea of drowning in the status quo emerges a truly authentic and passionate voice for becoming your true self. A universal theme which should resonate with all of us. Please visit Shari and welcome her to Medium. We so pleased she graciously allowed RezoNation to give this wonderful poem and mandate for living in truth a home.

She wrote, “My heart breaks and my head spins,” and oh, how simple and direct a declaration such as this could hit the mark and was truly needed the first week of July 2016. In a heart bending and simple way Nicole Whalen cut through a tidal wave of static and pointed towards the emotions which were resonating in me and in many, many people. But Nicole seems to keep things in perspective within her wonderfully unique perspective as shown in her story “Just Another Day In Your Life”. RezoNation is pleased to have her as a new contributor and you may also find her stories regularly appearing in The Weekly Knob.

If I had to make a Letterman’s Top Ten List of my favorite writers on Medium Tremaine L. Loadholt would be leading the parade. I am so pleased to have her as a contributing writer in RezoNation as her keen insight and beautifully even and compassionate temperament add a balance and grace to these pages. Her first piece “I Am Saving My Sanity” just blew me away with its resonating desire for what we feel is safe and normal and the deepest need for peace within and without. Most writers find a niche and fill it with their unique voice but Tre’ has this amazing ability to offer her voice in so many different forms and genres while remaining uniquely true to her core inspiration, it’s almost supernatural what she does!! From her compelling Audio Poetry to her One-Line Poem Series this writer is a powerhouse of conscious creativity which never disappoints.

Finally, I consider every contribution to RezoNation a gift no less precious than if the writer him or herself had knocked on my door and said, “Here. Here is a piece of my heart, use it wisely” and I have no doubt you will too. Thus, I hope you’ll join me in raising your voice and vibration to let these writers and the world know you hope for, pray for and ultimately expect the light to outshine the darkness in our days. I humbly and grateful present you these stories.

S Lynn Knight,
Editor/Owner of RezoNation

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